Customer Testimonials

Ms Nguyễn Thị Hoàng Ngọc

BWACO's Board of Directors decided to choose EMS Company because it is assessed that this is a system with many good features and applications on mobile devices (Smartphones). Besides, BWACO is very satisfied with the dedication and professionalism of your project implementation team. Hope you always maintain that professionalism throughout your company's development journey to make a difference in the market.

Mrs Phương Lan
HR manager – TMI Garment

Choosing another supplier to replace TMI's current HR software provider really made us consider a lot because of the large investment costs & the months-long project implementation time. After about 3 months of evaluation, TMI decided to choose EMS Company to build this HR system because TMI believes in the capacity of your staff to be able to do a comprehensive automation system for TMI. . Up to now, we have officially operated HRIS throughout the group with 5 factories and nearly 10,000 employees

Mr Ngô Tấn Trí
P.TGĐ An Cường – Factory manager

In addition to the problem that the human resource system must be able to perform complex operations in the manufacturing sector, we had previously deployed the SAP system in An Cuong, so during the NCC evaluation phase, we only selected software partners. HR software that has experience in integrating with SAP system. After 02 months of direct evaluation by piloting for the production block, it has proven that the quality of the HRIS system is completely suitable, so An Cuong decided to choose HRIS to officially deploy for the entire corporation. With the enthusiasm and experience of the EMS team, An Cuong fully believes in the quality of the project. Congratulations team!

Mr Nguyễn Trung Quốc
Phó TGĐ – Nhật Việt Trans

We appreciate the features of the HRIS solution because it has met our unique human resource management needs in the shipping industry. In particular, we are satisfied with the capacity and experience of all project staff. Besides, the service during and after deployment is very good, the staff is enthusiastic and responsive. We will coordinate with EMS to continue implementing other advanced features to systematize the entire human resource management process of the company. NV-Trans

Mr Vũ Văn Năng
GĐ – Nhật Quỳnh Foods

Thank you to EMSC's leadership team for enthusiastically working with the company, especially EMSC's project team for following and accompanying us until the project acceptance. HRIS human resource management software has helped us to quickly and accurately handle all human resource work as well as the specific requirements of the company. It is very fortunate to work with a dynamic, enthusiastic, passionate young team like EMSC. Wish EMSC more and more success and will constantly develop better solutions to support businesses.

Mr Thái Hồng Ngọc
TGĐ – Eagles Global Forwarding

In order to choose a partner as well as the right software for the specifics of the company, we reviewed a lot of the software currently on the market. But I decided to use the overall management software HRIS because the work management system is tight and flexible, always updated with the latest technology trends. In addition, the project team is always enthusiastic in their work, successfully completing the specific requirements of our company. I highly appreciate the deployment method, reasonable deployment time and enthusiastic support service of the EMSC team..
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