Habits of successful people: 5 minutes a day by billionaire John Paul DeJoria

Habits of successful people: 5 minutes a day by billionaire John Paul DeJoria

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Billionaire John Paul DeJoria is the co-founder of hair care product maker Paul Mitchell and wine brand Patrón.

According to Forbes, the 75-year-old billionaire currently has an estimated net worth of $3.1 billion. His success made many people admire him because of the habit of successful people: 5 minutes a day of billionaire John Paul DeJoria who had a poor childhood and had to work many jobs to earn a living. With $700 accumulated, he and Paul Mitchell saved up to start the John Paul Mitchell System hair care company in 1980.

On Business Insider, John Paul DeJoria shared the 5-minute rule when starting his day.

“I like waking up in the morning. It doesn’t matter where I am, at home or in a hotel. When I wake up, I lie still in bed for about 5 minutes. Right now I don’t think about it. my schedule or the phone calls I have to make.I simply open my eyes and let myself fully live in the present moment.

I try not to be influenced by outside noises or thoughts in my head. I spend those 5 minutes just thinking about the things I have in life and how grateful I am for them. I also spend time thinking about the benefits my family is fortunate to enjoy.

When the 5-minute interval for the present moment has passed, I will get up and enjoy a cup of coffee or a cappuccino. That’s how I like to start my day.

I cannot put into words the importance of taking 5 minutes to be thankful for what life has given us.

I start the work day by discussing with the assistants at the headquarters and offices in different places. I look at the day’s work schedule. I make important calls first thing in the morning and respond to emergencies. I have a notebook to jot down things that I need to remember and important figures for later use.

I don’t use email, never have and never will. I don’t use a computer and I don’t text anyone. If I need to be contacted, I use a landline phone or fax machine.

I know, I’ve been told it’s too old-fashioned, but it still gets done the way I want it to. This allows me to focus on the important things that need my attention.
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My favorite quote is “Focus on a few important things and ignore a lot of trivial things”. Today is not like yesterday, the important thing is to wake up early and get to work immediately.

Another good saying My favorite is “Successful people always do all the things that unsuccessful people do” I don’t want to do it.” I work every day and I love my job. It’s part of my daily routine and a good one.

Most importantly, enjoy your job. Everyone wants to have a good time. And when you enjoy the fun while working, you will find the day to go by easily much more.

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